2 min readJun 5, 2021



I am glad you landed here. So, then, let’s begin.

After about 8 years of struggling to belong in Bombay, I made a home in Bangalore. Bangalore, unlike Bombay, allows me for affordable housing- letting me feel rooted to the city. If you come from Bombay, it takes a while for the city to grow on you but once it does, you can not go back.

After living by myself for the first few years in the city, I now live with my partner. I have worked in Bangalore fin-tech start-ups for all the time that I have been here. I love what I do.

I also love to read and write. I have gotten some of my work published but what with me in love with the way I make my living- writing takes a backseat.

I haven’t been comfortable with the idea of writing for others. For a long time, I have not shared my blog with anyone- because writing seemed that private an affair to me. Opening up my writing to the world has been staggered and this newsletter is thanks to the pandemic- which has altered a lot of our world views in very many ways.

This newsletter is my own way of honouring some of the stories I love to read- of ordinary people and their ordinary lives. I am starting with my own. If ordinary emotions, simple details of a life lived somewhere far away, not very different from yours and yet not entirely similar, fascinates you, sign up.

Now, finally, about the fortnightly newsletter- I read a lot, as aforementioned- so I’ll share one beautiful article from the web that I discovered in the fortnight, or from the treasure trove of beautiful articles I have saved over the years. You also get to discover a new book every week- one that I have read or am currently reading.

I will write you a poem every week about both our lives and show you one gorgeous picture I clicked in the week.

All of this, of course, after I patter about the week I have had. If we do end up striking a chord, respond to me about your week. I have always loved ordinary lives- similar to and different from my own.

I look forward to sharing my life with you.

And if you end-up not signing-up, I do hope you will take care of yourself in ways that soothe your soul. Amen to healing and respites:)